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01 Mar 2018


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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 19 May 2017

If you are tired of the same old desktop wallpaper, PUSH Video Wallpaper can provide you with something new. The application gives you the possibility of placing videos as your desktop wallpapers. Instead of a still image, you can have a video playing on your desktop, which can make things more pleasant for those moments when we stare at the desktop until we figure out what to do next.

PUSH Video Wallpaper can be installed in no time, without making any kind of complicated settings. The application works on all modern Windows platforms, but you may need to update your system if you're using Windows 7. Also, the application won't perform well if you have less than average hardware.

Once you install and run PUSH Video Wallpaper, a sample video will be applied on your desktop. You can bring up a compact user interface to set your own videos on the desktop and make a few fine tweaks. The software lets you target multiple videos and compile a playlist. All imported videos will be played on your desktop in order.

The software provides you with play, pause, stop, forward and back controls. It's like a media player that plays videos on your desktop. What's more, the software is capable of playing back their soundtracks as well, but you can turn the volume down or mute it if you wish to.

PUSH Video Wallpaper provides other useful controls as well. The most useful controls are a set of auto-pause options, located on a separate tab. If enabled, the application will automatically pause the video playback if you set applications, including Direct 3D/OpenGL ones or even simple windows to full-screen mode. In other words, the application will pause the video when you don't look at it, to preserve memory and processing power.

With PUSH Video Wallpaper, you can bring your desktop to life, with only a few simple clicks.


You can use videos as desktop wallpapers. The software lets you compile a video playlist. Also, it can pause videos automatically, when you have something in full screen mode.


The software is far from smooth if you don't have enough resources.

PUSH Video Wallpaper


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